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Anthony Anderson | Star of ABC’s black-ish
Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2002

Managing diabetes isn’t complicated, but it takes commitment. Every. Single. Day. But here’s the thing:
It’s worth it.
I had to choose to get real about managing my blood sugar and taking my medicine before it was too late. Get serious about managing your diabetes today. You can do it!

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Anthony Anderson is a paid spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, Inc.

about managing your blood sugar

I’m just gonna tell it to you straight—having high blood sugar is serious biz.

I saw what uncontrolled blood sugar can do first-hand in my father’s life, and it completely changed my perspective.

I made the decision to take my blood sugar level seriously, and to do whatever it took to get it under control. That meant talking with my health care provider, changing up my diet, getting active, and making sure I had the support I needed to follow through.

about injections

I always thought I could manage my diabetes without an injection. Why poke myself if I don’t need to, right?

What I didn’t understand was that diabetes can change over time. No matter how well you do with your treatment plan, you may still have to take an injectable medicine like I do, in addition to keeping up with your diet and staying active.

Eventually, taking injections just became a part of my routine. I’m glad I spoke with my doctor and we made the decision to take that important next step in my diabetes treatment plan.



Your health care provider can give you your first injection, so you can see what it’s like before doing it yourself.


Make it a habit. Continue following your treatment plan as described by your doctor, and make injections part of your routine.


Take advantage of free coaching programs that may offer phone support when you’re starting an injectable medicine.

Get after it!

Ready to get real? Good! I’m really excited for you.

When I decided to get real, I started by getting educated. Despite having type 2 diabetes for years, I found out that there was a lot about diabetes that I didn’t know. Truly understanding what diabetes is, and how changes to my diabetes care plan could help manage my diabetes, was really helpful for me.

This site has a lot of great info about diabetes and what you can do to get real. Take a look around and be sure to check in with your diabetes care team. They’ll be just as excited as I am to hear that you’ve decided to get real about your diabetes!

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