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Let's Get Real It's time to change how we think about type 2 diabetes


Let's Get REAL
It's time to think about how type 2 diabetes affects cardiovascular health.

With type 2 diabetes, there's up
to a
4GREATER RISKxof stroke, heart attack,
or cardiovascular death.

Now for the good news:

You or your loved ones can do something now to help manage the risk. Let's get after it.

Get real about your risk
Doctor Discussion Guide

Anthony Anderson, actor and comedian. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2002. Anthony Anderson is a paid spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, Inc.

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Know your cardiovascular risk—and what you can do about it

Here’s the deal—cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death and disability for people with type 2 diabetes. Yet, it has been shown that more than half of people with diabetes do not consider themselves at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Get real about your cardiovascular risk 

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High blood sugar is serious biz 

I saw firsthand what it did to my father’s life, and it really changed my perspective.

I decided to do whatever it takes to get my blood sugar level under control, knowing that I had higher cardiovascular risk. My doctor helped create a treatment plan that worked for me.

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Not sure how to talk to your doctor? It's all good. We've got you.

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Get after it!

Getting real means getting the facts. I had type 2 diabetes for years and found that there's a lot about diabetes I didn't know. So, check out this site and soak it all in. 

Be sure to always talk to your diabetes care team. They're your secret weapon. 

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